Your Competitive Advantage

The XPDEL Difference

XPDEL fulfills your customers’ orders with utmost care. We manage and optimize your inventory,
and help you keep your fulfillment and shipping costs low. Our goal is to provide you outstanding service
so you have the peace of mind to focus on your business growth.

Fast On-Boarding

With most
already in place.

Network Design

We ship your orders
out of the best
locations for service
and cost.


Makes sure
product supply meets
the demand avoiding
extra cost.

Live Visibility

Into your
orders and
inventory levels.

Low Shipping Cost

We use the right shipping
method to deliver on time
at the lowest cost.


Your business
grows by
expanding into our
fulfillment network.


We even pickup
from home & make
sure that returns get
to where you want them.

Business Insight

Our advanced analytics
provide key
insights for your
business growth.

XPDEL Fulfillment Centers

XPDEL centers of excellence are designed with LEAN processes,
powered by advanced technology, and operated using smart analytics.
Every order comes with great service at the right cost.

eCommerce &
Direct to Consumer

We provide comprehensive eCommerce fulfillment services.

  • Order

    You get much more than
    just pick, pack & ship.
    The orders are accurate
    and on time, every time.

  • Order

    Allows customers
    to track their orders
    through every step
    of the process.

  • Right

    Deliver superior customer
    experience using packaging that
    reflects your brand, is secure,
    of the right size, at the right cost.

  • Customer

    Command & control center predicts and proactively averts issues.
    It provides 24X7 access to our
    customer experience specialists.

  • Network

    Ensures inventory at the
    right place to deliver to your
    customers as promised,
    on time & at the lowest cost.

  • Live

    You get live
    dashboards for
    tracking orders
    & inventory.


chance that customer returns to the shop
if an accurate order is sent
the first time

Retail &
Business to Business

We provide comprehensive retail fulfillment services.

  • EDI

    Our system is integrated
    with major EDI platforms
    and we make sure that
    you are EDI compliant.

  • Logistics

    We handle truckload and LTL
    freights via ocean, air, and
    road, for both domestic or
    international manufacturing.

  • Expansion
    to US

    We help overseas companies who
    want to start selling or expand in
    the US to successfully launch any
    retail or business-to-business rollout.

  • Schedule

    Implement more stable
    scheduling for associates and
    improve customer service to
    get a steady flow to retail stores.

  • On-Demand

    Catering to seasonal
    requirements, managing
    peak and all your unique
    needs from time to time.

  • Retailer

    We support all retailer fulfillment
    destination types; direct to stores,
    distribution centers, boutique stores, or directly to consumers.


of B2B retailers
currently offer their
products online​

Network of Fulfillment Centers
Across North America

Same Day, Next Day, 2 Day Delivery

98%of the US population
reached within two days

Easy Onboarding
& integrations

Experts Decades of experience
in the supply chain,
fulfillment, and

Flexible As you scale,
we scale with you

Dashboards &
Business Intelligence

You Can Improve What You Can Measure

Our dashboards help you manage inventory, track orders,
evaluate performance, and understand customers’ buying patterns.

Inventory Levels Our inventory dashboards help
make sure the inventory levels are right
for fulfilling the orders.

Product Performance Get informed about the bestselling
products, average performers, and
the products that are not in high demand.

Performance Metrics We present to you performance
metrics that matter. You get to
also see how we are serving you.

Customers’ Behavior Get closer to your customers by
understanding their shopping patterns
and delivery expectations. We help you always be relevant to your customers.


Forecast accurately and learn from
consumer patterns

Our cloud-based solution provides
real-time access to inventory data,
anytime and anywhere.

forecast by SKU

and event-based


Optimize inventory based
on demand

We help you manage the right
inventory levels so that you’re
never out of stock or overstock.

Store, manage
and track
inventory in

Live view of
your products
across every
sales channel
and facility

We Help You Grow

of order status
to customer

D2C & B2B
We help you
fulfill orders for
consumers or
for B2B

We enable you
to sell through
all available channels

Integrations and Partners

Everything you need to scale your business

  • Shopify

  • Walmart

  • Google Shopping

  • Amazon

  • Magento

  • WooCommerce

  • Etsy

  • Wix

  • BigCommerce

  • eBay

  • UPS

  • DHL

  • FedEx

  • TForce

  • Axlehire

  • USPS

  • Pitney Bowes

  • GLS

  • Lone Star

  • UPS Freight

  • NetSuite

  • Microsoft Dynamics

  • SAP

  • Salesforce

  • SPS

  • TrueCommerce

  • Integral

  • DiCentral

  • Brightpearl

  • CartRover

  • Klaviyo

  • TaxJar

  • QuickBooks

  • Stripe

We delight your customers with our service

while we open new sales channels
and marketplaces for you

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