Take your Operations
To next level

Eliminate the risk of a labor shortage with XPDEL

Deploy the right teams, to increase operational capacity and hit every KPI! The
Managed Labor Solutions eliminates the high hidden costs of temp staffing
created by constant turn over that leads to lost productivity, lower quality
standards and decreased customer satisfaction scores.

No Labor Shortages

No Labor

We quickly deploy an
experienced team
to match your demand.

Customer Satisfaction


Our team ensures
Accurate order, faster
delivery, and smooth
product returns means
happy customers.

Optimized Productivity


With a well-trained,
high quality skilled

improved results for easy assessment

Increase Your
Bottom Line

Get insights into
improved results
for easy assessment.

Reduce labor related legal risks


Reduce labor
related legal
risks, by utilizing
XPDEL MLS instead
of contracted labor.

Quickly Optimizing

Bottom Line

By quickly optimizing
headcount, with a
dedicated team of
experts that operate
through your busy
times and beyond.

Managed Labor Solutions

Our Managed Labor Solutions
reduces the overall costs
associated with temporary
staffing labor models


XPDEL makes
operations easy ​

With the right sized, well trained, and
motivated workforce.

MLS deploy teams of expert employees dedicated to your vision and mission,
aligning with your corporate culture, and also meet your operational requirements.
and working toward meeting your and your customers’ needs.

PI Reporting

KPI Reporting MLS is a data driven service that measures, tracks, analyzes and adjusts to ensure the right KPI are met and exceeded.

Trained & Skilled Staffing

Trained and
Skilled Staffing
The MLS Teams are XPDEL employees and we take care of the recruiting, hiring, training, and supervising of our employees, according to your expectations. We save your time and money and increase your customers’ satisfaction.

Dedicated on-site supervisors
                              and managers partner

Boots on the
Dedicated on-site supervisors and managers partner with you to support and improve your operation.

Managed employee

Managed employee We manage MLS employee relations to include career progression, and all of the administrative functions so you can focus on the health of your business.

Motivated teams

Motivated teams As career XPDEL employees, MLS team members are motivated to meet and exceed your expectations and strive to grow alongside our client teams.

MLS-Managed Labor Solutions Operations

Never be short of
Labor again

From the warehouse floor to the C-Suite, our 24/7
Managed Labor Solutions team can support you
with top talent.

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